Permission To Go Live for Custom Web Development

  • Permission to Go-Live

    Congratulations, your website is ready to go live! We understand that your site is a work in progress and you may continue to work on your website post launch to make revisions to your site until the content is complete and polished to your satisfaction. Please type your name and date below and we will publish your website to your chosen domain name.

    Upon publishing, your website will be transitioned to the Digital Marketing team. The Digital Marketing team will reach out to you shortly and provide more information about their marketing plan. You may also contact your marketing team by calling 855-633-6382.

    IMPORTANT: The remaining balance of your Web site development fees will be billed to your account, by method of original payment, and the Maintenance and Hosting phase of your website will begin.

    PLEASE NOTE: It is imperative that you test the contact form that is on your site once your site is live. If you have an issue please contact your project coordinator.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact your project coordinator at 516-285-7470

  • Signed Approval

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